Private Lessons with Coach Brian

Coach Harper

Coach Brian Harper

Has a Masters in Exercise Physiology from Penn State. He began fencing when he was 19 when he joined the fencing team at Penn State. He holds two National Saber Championships and has also been on the Veteran's World Team representing the United States in Portland Oregon, Budapest Hungary and Martinique France.  He has acquired over 28 National metals throughout his fencing career.  

Coach Harper has created champions in Saber, Foil and Epee and is a Nationally Certified referee in all three weapons.

He has developed a  level system that allows individuals to progress at their own rate.

Price Per Lesson 

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15 Minute Private Lesson - $15 

20 Minute Private Lesson - $20

30 Minute Private Lesson - $30

Lesson Package Prices

4 Thirty Minute Private Lessons (one lesson per week) - $100 per month

8 Thirty Minute Private Lessons (two lessons per week) - $200 per month

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